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Questions from Couples

How does this work?

Your wedding day can raise support and awareness for organizations fighting sex trafficking.

How do I participate?

Brides and Grooms participate by hiring our Vendors for their wedding day.

Where do I start?

Selecting your city is a great place to start connecting with Vendors in your area to book for your wedding day.

Questions from Vendors

When and how do I get billed?

Love Gives Way is in a free promotional period, it’s free to join if you are approved!

Can I just give back on my own without Love Gives Way?

Great question – you can definitely choose to give back on your own! However, we believe we are doing some things really well by rallying the wedding community around organizations fighting sex trafficking:

  • Brand Recognition The Love Gives Way story is growing and resonating with vendors and couples who desire to have a lasting impact with the money spent on their wedding day. Couples and vendors view us as a trusted brand.
  • Website Portfolio We provide you with a great, modern looking profile page which shows off your work, allows you to receive inquiries directly through our site from interested clients, and gives you a platform to explain why you decided to join Love Gives Way.
  • Proven Giving Structure We are unifying the wedding community in a single fight against sex trafficking on one single site. Instead of couples that are looking to make a difference with their day finding random vendors who give back, they can view them all on our site in their specific city!
  • Partner Cause Connection We support local causes based in your own city and have done the work on your behalf to establish a relationship with organizations you can trust supporting! We do everything we can to launch a vendor team around an organization who at least has staff and/or an office in your area. Some of these organizations focus on the domestic fight in their own city while others are addressing the issue in other parts of the globe.
  • Accountability We track all the funds we are raising around the country so we know how big of an impact Love Gives Way is having through you, your city, and the world. When vendors book a wedding (mentioned in the next question), it creates an easy way to organize your booked weddings, provides your partner cause with an updated spreadsheet with their vendors booking weddings, and allows us to make sure everyone is doing what they agreed to do.
  • Resources We provide our vendors with promotional materials including our logo, a vendor badge, and flyers to help spread the word and share our story.

How do I book a wedding?

Once you book a wedding, click on “book a wedding” on your dashboard to create a confirmation ticket. By entering in how much the wedding package/amount was, it will calculate how much you owe to your partner cause.

How do I make a donation to a Cause?

We love to operate on good will and right now we trust each of our Vendors to give directly to their Cause of choice.

Where do I start?

Becoming a Vendor with Love Gives Way only takes a few minutes to signup and complete questions about your company. Once complete, a member from our team will reach out to verify a few more questions and you’ll be paired with a cause in your area.

Questions from Causes

Why should I partner with Love Gives Way?

This provides a great, tangible way to help raise awareness about the work you are doing and funds to continue that work. You are able to help grow a community of business owners in your area to rally around your organization

How involved do we have to be with Love Gives Way?

The more your audience and community know about your partnership with Love Gives Way, the more benefits you will see from it. You are in front of your community way more than we are and this gives you a very tangible way people can connect and serve your organization who live in your area. Connect with wedding vendors to support your cause, encourage couples to hire LGW vendors who benefit your work, and look out for college students to be Representatives to share about the work you are doing and your partnership with LGW.

Where do I start?

Partnering with Love Gives Way is simple. Take a few minutes to signup and complete a few questions about your Organization. Once complete, a member from our team will reach out to verify a few more questions and you’ll be paired with great vendors in your area.

Questions from Representatives

How do I sign up?

What do I do?


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