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Crystal Anne Photography | PHOTOGRAPHER


About Crystal Anne Photography

I’m an Atlanta photographer specializing in creative and intimate weddings & elopements. I’ve traveled all over the world to document weddings, organizations, & adventures. On wedding days, I am best at capturing the raw emotions and feelings of the bride and groom. I thrive with couples who are adventurous, creative, and easy-going. If you choose me to document your day, also expect to for me to get to know you on a deep level! I desire to connect with you in order to authentically convey the beauty of you and your spouse!

Why Crystal Anne Photography joined Love Gives Way

I’ve been passionate about fighting sex trafficking ever since I learned about it. I cared about it so deeply that I decided to volunteer at The Solomon House with Out of Darkness. I served as a mentor for women at a half-way house. It was the most powerful thing that ever happened to me! I desire to continue serving that cause in my pursuit of art & creativity. Art should always lead to justice, and Love Gives Way is a beautiful avenue for converting art into justice.

Supporting Out Of Darkness

When you book Crystal Anne Photography as a vendor for your wedding day, they give a portion of their profit to Out of Darkness, who is Fighting Sex Trafficking.

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