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Sweet Justice Photography | PHOTOGRAPHER


About Sweet Justice Photography

It all started with a love for people – I was going to Nepal on a service trip, and a friend asked me to shoot her wedding in exchange for a donation. Before I knew it, my camera became a vessel for bringing justice to light. I continued telling peoples’ stories in every corner of the world through photojournalism. When people understand the way others live, it not only stirs up love for one another through emotion – it activates caring hearts + acting hands. I believe in a justice different from what we see in cold courthouses punishing criminals; its about worthiness, beauty, + compassion. I’ve learned that when I know someone’s story, I can’t help but love them; and that is the core of Sweet Justice. My specialties reside in storytelling through wedding + portrait photography, and partnering with nonprofits to advocate for their mission. My most prevalent passion is fighting the injustice of sex trafficking using my gifting.

Why Sweet Justice Joined joined Love Gives Way

Ending sex trafficking is my deepest desire.

Supporting Mountain Child

When you book Sweet Justice Photography as a vendor for your wedding day, they give a portion of their profit to Mountain Child, who is fighting sex trafficking.

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