Let your one day, affect her everyday

Brides and Grooms are partnering with Vendors and Causes to fight sex-trafficking.

Why Love Gives Way?

We each have a story. Whether in the opening pages of a new chapter, approaching a climax, or faithfully turning the next page, we all have something valuable worth sharing. Love Gives Way exists in partnerships to help release the oppressed from the horrors of  sex trafficking through leveraging our own stories to participate in something bigger than ourselves.




Rallying the Wedding Community around Organizations Fighting Sex Trafficking in 13 US Cities and across the globe

“I love the fact that all the vendors are trying to make what they are doing have an impact beyond themselves and so to work with people on your wedding day that have such a vision and so much fun and they love what they do and so to work with them on our wedding day was amazing.” Mark and Caroline

Love Gives Way Couple, Atlanta

How it works

Three different ways to get involved, three incredible opportunities 

I’m Getting Married

Your wedding day can fight sex trafficking.

I’m a Vendor

Promote your business and fight sex trafficking.

I’m a Cause

Raise awareness and support for your cause.